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New types of threats and viruses are always evolving. Nowadays there are a lot of mobile viruses that can easily steal important personal data from Android tablets and phones. To prevent the infection process of mobile devices, users have to install the antivirus software. Security experts say that there are no guarantees that the antivirus can protect your system against new sorts of threats. However, these apps can remove the current issues and make your system safer.

There are a lot of various antivirus apps for Android. We have collected for you the most useful and effective programs. They show fast performance and run up in the background, protecting your device from malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and other types of threats. After scanning, the antivirus will offer to fix or repair found problems. Some of them provide auxiliary functions. For example, users can kill processes that take a lot of system resources. There are inbuilt cleaning utilities. Combining these programs and antiviruses, users have a powerful weapon for detecting threats and removing consequences of virus activity. There are also mobile versions of popular desktop antiviruses. If you get accustomed to Avast on your PC, then you can try the mobile version on your Android device.

Software from Collection:

360 Mobile Security Antivirus
The effective antivirus for Android devices. It's a mobile version of the popular desktop application.
CM Security 4.9.6
A powerful antivirus solution that can detect threats and protect important apps.
Panda Mobile Security 3.1.4
The fast and reliable antivirus software for Android devices.
avast! Mobile Security 5.8.1
A free version of mobile Avast antivirus for Android OS.
Kaspersky Internet Mobile Security
A mobile version of Kaspersky antivirus.
Antivirus Free
A comprehensive mobile antivirus that can help you to detect and prevent various threats.
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