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Nowadays mobile devices can store a huge amount of files. To sort and manage them quickly, you have to use special applications called file managers. Their principle equals desktop file explorers that help users to control folders and files on an operating system.

Usually, you can face two types of a file manager: a single-pane and dual-pane app. Both types have their own benefits and disadvantages. But all of them offer a list of standard operations, as Copy, Move, Paste, Select All, and others. They have also swiping support for easy navigation. To select a file or folder, you have to press on an object. After some time, you will be available to operate with the selected object. Many explorers can create or unpack archives, search files, and sort them. Despite the most file managers are free, some features can be available only after purchasing a premium or pro version.

A file manager provides the best way to interact with files and directories on your device. If you are looking for a reliable and convenient file explorer, we recommend you to pay attention to apps from this list. The most popular are ES File Explorer and Solid Explorer. If you are accustomed to the desktop managers, you can try Total Commander.

Software from Collection:

ASTRO File Manager 7.3.0
A convenient file explorer app for mobile devices.
Solid Explorer 1.7.1
One of the popular file managers for Android devices.
X-plore 3.88.40
A reliable and functional file explorer for Android phones and tablets.
File Commander 3.9.14700
A solid and poweful file manager for Android devices that has a lot of useful features.
File Expert 8.3.0
A comprehensive file manager that allows you to operate with files on Android devices.
Clean File Manager 1.14
A comprehensive file manager made for Android tablets and phones.
Total Commander 2.72
The famous and powerful file manager that provides lots of useful functions.
ES File Explorer
A universal and convenient file manager for Android platform.
AntTek Explorer 5.6
A comprehensive file manager that provides a variety of capabilities.
File Manager 2.7.8
A fast and convenient file browser made for Android devices.
Far On Droid
The comprehensive file managing tool with the non-standard interface inspired by Far Manager.
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