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Modern Android devices can do lots of useful things. For example, you can use them as reliable and powerful GPS navigators. There are a lot of navigation apps in Google Play Store. But there are also low-quality apps that can’t become a real good navigator. We have collected the most useful and interesting navigation apps for you.

Android navigators offer maps that can be automatically updated. Some of these apps have voice guidance and offline mode. The last one gives you the capability to download maps and view them in offline. Almost all navigation programs can calculate and advise a fast route from one point to another one. Also, they provide detailed information about objects on a map, including address and phone number. If you need to find hotel, gas station, cafe or another map object, you can always use search form that displays all city facilities with detailed information about them. Some navigators also provide information about police traps and traffic jams. So, you can recalculate your current route to bypass road problems.

The most applications from this collection are distributed as free. However, some of them have paid subscription or premium version that gives you auxiliary functions.

Software from Collection:

Sygic: GPS Navigation 18.4.2
A popular cross-platform application for navigation.
It's the convenient and free Android navigator that provides a lot of useful features.
Garmin Navigator 9.2.0
The popular application that can transform your Android device into a GPS navigator.
BE-ON-ROAD (GPS Navigation) 16.2.5
The powerful Android navigator that provides a variety of advanced features.
Maverick 2.7.4
This navigator allows you to download maps and view them in offline mode.
Wisepilot GPS 5.4
The comprehensive navigation app for mobile phones and tablets.
Google Maps 9.41.1
The useful navigation made by Google company for Android platform.
MapFactor: GPS Navigation 2.2.63
The comprehensive navigator for Android devices.
HERE Maps 2.0.10914
The handy Android navigator that has a lot of useful features.
TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic 1.13.2
The most powerful navigation app for Android devices.
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