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Modern mobile devices can be used as standard audio players. They are easy in use and can store a big number of audio tracks. Besides, users can download new songs from the Internet and share them with friends and other people who like the music. Also, you can always transfer them to your computer, and vice versa.

This collection contains various music players for Android tablets and phones. Almost all of them can detect songs on external and internal memory of your device. Many of them can download album covers, sort audio files, edit tags, and play songs of different extensions. You can listen to audio tracks in MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, APE, and other formats. There are as advanced as minimalistic players. There are also unique apps, as Musicxmatch that can define a song and offer lyrics. All these programs have a variety of sorting functions. Some of them provide advanced customizable options. If you are looking for a classical music player with a simple interface, we recommend you to pay attention to AIMP and Poweramp.

Nowadays mobile audio players don’t differ too much from similar desktop applications. Android music players provide a lot of useful features and can extend the functionality of your device.

Software from Collection:

NRG Player 2.2.9
A stylish music player that supports a variety of audio formats.
Shuttle Music Player 1.5.15
A compact, fast and comprehensive music player designed for mobile devices.
AIMP 2.00 Build 289
The Android version of one of the popular desktop audio players.
n7player 2.4.15
The advanced audio player for Android tablets and smartphones.
Denon Audio 2.0.63
A handsome, reliable audio player made for Android devices.
Neutron Music Player 1.91.1-X86
A comprehensive and qualitative audio player made for Android devices.
Musixmatch 6.5.2
The unique audio player that gives access to the lyrics library.
Music Folder Player 2.2.1
A simple and convenient audio player for Android tablets and phones.
Google Play Music 7.0.4007-1.J.3489099
This app combines an advanced audio player and a huge music catalog.
Rocket Music Player 4.1.86
A convenient music player app for Android devices.
Equalizer music player booster (Equalizer+) 2.6.1
It is the all-in-one application that contains a music player and advanced equalizer for audio tuning.
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