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Many modern mobile devices haven’t convenient and effective input methods. Neither sensor nor physical keyboards can be fast and powerful without installing addition software. But if you don’t prefer the standard keyboard, you can always download keyboards applications for your mobile device. Such apps usually have lots of useful functions that can boost a typing speed. Also, they offer lots of addition customizable options, as emojis, color themes, and other things.

There are a lot of interesting apps in Google Play Market that can help you to type faster and correctly. Many of them have gesture typing feature. It’s a universal typing method based on swipe actions. Users just need to use swipe and some keys for quick typing. Also, keyboard applications have an auto-prediction feature. It allows a program to remember typed words from your emails, social network posts, and SMS messages. Then the app will add it to a vocabulary. And of course, keyboards have inbuilt dictionaries to check the spelling and autocorrect misspelled words or phrases.

Many mobile manufacturers are trying to implement their own keyboard apps to improve typing performance. But we recommend you to use an app from the list below.

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