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Version for Android.
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Systems: Android
Android 2.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 1.62 MB
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License Adware (Free)
Updated: 2016-11-25

General information about the program

APK Extractor is the simplest program for Android devices that allows you to create APK installers for your applications. So, you are able to extract APK files and copy them to external storage. That is useful when you need to install a mobile application or game on another phone or tablet. Besides, it doesn’t even require Root access.

The app has an intuitive interface. The main screen is divided into 2 parts: the menu and the program list. The menu has search form, Settings, and the Star icon button which is leading to the Google Play information page. The program list displays all available applications for extracting. And they are represented in alphabet order.

To start using this app, you should launch it and choose an application that you want extract as APK installer. Just tap on this app and you will be notified that your program was extracted to /storage/sdcard/ExtractedApks/. That is default folder for all extracted APKs. You can change this directory in the Settings menu. After extracting, you are able to move APK files or copy them to another device.

The software has advertisement app banners. If you won’t see them, you can make donations and support the developer.

APK Extractor is a small and effective utility. It will help you to get APK installers of mobile games and applications. This app is a really good especially when you need to extract Android apps from your phone or tablet and transfer them to another device.

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