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APUS Browser is a compact, comprehensive and fast app that can help you to navigate web pages on your mobile phone or tablet. The application provides a lot of interesting functions, as voice dial, flash player, private mode, and features. You can also save data by hiding images. For this sake, you should activate The Fast mode and No image mode. They allow you to browse faster if you have network connection troubles. Besides, the app includes the inbuilt Adblock that helps you to avoid intrusive and annoying ads or pop-ups.

The app has a convenient interface designed for Android devices. It allows you to easily navigate web pages and search important information on your phone or tablet. Also, you can switch between tabs and change search engine. If you want to surf web pages securely, you should use the incognito mode. It allows you visiting websites without leaving history, cookies, and web traces. Also, you are able to delete cache and web files by one tap. If you have to read a lot on the Internet, then you should pay attention to the night mode. It will protect your eyesight and simplify. In the settings menu, you can customize panels and interface themes.

APUS Browser has standard and advanced features made for those users who get accustomed to surf websites on Android devices. If you like web surfing and want to get a reliable and qualitative mobile browser, then we can recommend you to try this application. It’s fast and qualitative app made for convenient web surfing.

Key features and functions

  • You can hide images when web surfing.
  • A convenient download manager.
  • Translation function.
  • Add favorite websites to bookmarks.
  • Voice command support.
  • You can switch between search engines.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • You can save web pages to read them offline.

What's new?

1.5.6 (25.11.2016)
  • New design.
  • Added weather forecast.
  • Customizable Topsite icons.
  • Enhanced Ad Block.
  • You can download files to SD card.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
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Size: 2.88 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 1.5.6
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