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Action Launcher 3 is a quick and useful application that changes a standard layout of your mobile phone or tablet. For your convenience, it allows you to use Shutters, Covers, Quickbar, Quicktheme, and Quickdrawer (the scrollable alphabetical list). These functions were made to improve a performance of standard layout. Plus, one of the best features of this launcher is an ability to import layouts from such apps as Nova Launcher, TouchWiz, Apex, and others. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable after installing this app because it provides lots of customizable tools.

The app has been made in material design style. In the settings menu, you can customize themes, fonts, icons, screen orientation, and other layout parameters. If you like to use widgets, you will be glad to try Shutters. It’s a smart tool that allows you open app widgets by swipe. Quicktheme allows you to customize your home screen and change wallpapers. Covers are reworked folders, containers for apps. It’s a kind of shortcuts that lead to app containers.

Despite the launcher is absolutely free, it contains in-app purchases. For example, all icons will be automatically resized after installing the launcher. If you want to get additional icon packages, you should acquire Action Launcher Plus in the store.

Action Launcher 3 is one of the best launchers on Android platform. It provides a wide variety of features that can be useful in daily life. If you don’t know which launcher you have to install, we recommend you to try this one.

  • Material design.
  • Resized icons.
  • The Quickbar for customizing the search bar.
  • The Quickdrawer will help you to order your apps
  • Fast performance.
  • You can import layouts from other Android launchers.


What's new?

3.11.4 (25.11.2016)
  • Added dynamic app shortcuts for Android 7.1 devices.
  • Revamped settings.
  • Icon style option.
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Size: 20.9 MB
License: Freeware (In-app purchases) (Free)
Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 3.11.4
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