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AndrOpen Office is the universal and fast office package for Android tablets and phones. The application allows you to create text files, spreadsheets, and presentations. Also, it includes database software, drawing tool, and equation editor. Office Android apps usually have text, spreadsheet, and presentation editor. This software offers much more than other mobile office apps. And it can be compared with the desktop analogs that have a lot of useful functions. You can easily work with all popular office formats, including DOC, PDF, XLS, ODT, PPT, and others. Also, you are able to create a document on a mobile device and transfer it to a computer.

The main screen has a simple and minimalistic interface. However, other screens are similar to desktop office editors. They have the same windows and panels. It looks like Windows or Mac programs, not Android apps. Despite the app is adapted for tablets and phones, it would be much better if you connect a USB-keyboard or Bluetooth-mouse to your device. If you need to upload your files to cloud services, you have to use Dropbox or Google Drive. Users can install add-ons. Some of them can cost money. And others are distributed as freeware extensions.

AndrOpen Office was designed as the alternative to Open Office suit. The developer tried to create the equivalent application for the mobile platform. So, if you like the spirit of open-source software and Windows interface, then you should install this program on your device.

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3.0.5 (26.11.2016)
  • Updated NSS and GCC.
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Size: 84 MB
License: Adware (Free)
Updated: 26.11.2016
Version: 3.0.5
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