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AntTek Explorer is a reliable and powerful file manager for Android platform. It was designed as for mobile phones as for tablets. The app has drag & drop support and allows you to control Root access if you have rooted device. Also, you can download and upload files to such cloud services as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Goolge Drive, and Yandex Disk.

The program has a convenient dual-pane interface. It is similar to Total Commander. Users can sort objects by name, size, modification time, and file type. There are also customizable options that allow you to change a view style. After launching you can see 8 folders: External SD Card, Device, Temporary, My Library, Cloud, Bookmarks, Application, and Network. If you want to operate with files and folders, you need to press on them a long time for selection. Then you can choose an action from the drop-down list. There is also an extra menu which is on the top-right corner of the screen. It allows you to create new folders, add items to bookmarks, move files to temporary box, create shortcuts, and show properties of selected objects. The app provides easy navigation between all sections of your device. Also, you can use quick search and view APK, ZIP, images, and text files.

The app is absolutely free. But it has an advertisement block. If you want to remove it, you should buy the Pro version of the utility.

The app is easy in use and provides a lot of useful features. If you are looking for a solid two-pane file manager, we recommend you to pay attention to this one.

Key features and functions

  • Root management (for rooted devices).
  • Two-pane customizable interface.
  • Inbuilt media player and image viewer.
  • Users can install plugins to extend a functionality.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Remote control.
  • Source code viewer.

Limitations of trial version

  • There are in-app purchases.

What's new?

5.6 (29.06.2016)
  • Added support for Android Lollipop.
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Size: 4.6 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 29.06.2016
Version: 5.6
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