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BitTorrent 3.31

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Systems: Android
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 13 MB
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License Ad-supported (Free)
Updated: 2016-12-19

General information about the program

BitTorrent is the powerful peer-to-peer client that allows users to download large files on mobile phones and tablets. You can download torrent files directly from your web browser. There are no speed limits. Besides, the app can stream media files during a downloading process.

The app has a handsome, clear interface that is suitable for tablets and phones. After launching, you will face several tabs in the left-side column. Torrents tab views all your current files including downloads and uploads. Media Library contains Music and Video sections. The first one will help you to sort audio files by categories, as songs, artists, and albums. In Video tab, you are able to filter video content by keyword. Discover tab displays popular BitTorrent Bundles. Settings will allow you to limit download/upload speed, set WiFi Networks when downloading torrents, edit incoming port, and check/uncheck subscriptions. Plus, you can playback video and music in a brand torrent player that comes with the app.

Despite the app is absolutely free, it contains ads. If you want to remove banners and acquire extra options, as battery saver and auto-shutdown, you should upgrade to the Pro version.

BitTorrent is the cross-platform application with numerous settings. It provides a reliable and fast method of downloading large files in a row. If you want to get a comprehensive torrent client with a simple functionality on Android devices, then you should try this one.

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