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Clash of clans 10.322.16

Version for Android.
Clash of clans
4.7 (Votes: 3)
Systems: Android
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 100 MB
Langs English   else
License Free-to-play (Free)
Updated: 2018-08-01

General information about the program

If you have never played before in Tower Defense games, now you’ve a good chance to try it in Clash of Clans. The aid of player is to defense the village, hire battle units and build new constructions, which are giving you more advanced options.

The player have 2 main resources: mana from Elixir Collector and gold from Gold Mine. Just tap it on these buildings to gather resources. Green gems are using for building/unit training acceleration or heroes hiring. They are very important in common. In the beginning the player will get 2 builders. It means that you can build/upgrade only 2 constructions at once.

There are three types of matches: against goblins, versus players and defending. You must assault enemy base, using troops, or defend your base under towers and cannons protection. Gathering more gold and mana, you can upgrade the village and strengthen it defense (new walls, towers and cannons). Other players can attack you. So you need to be prepared. There is also shield option, which is granted full protection against player during 1-2 days or one week. It depends on your gems’ amount.

Do different tasks and get your reward, if you won’t to donate. It can be log in game or challenge actions. There are also trunks, bushes and stones around your base. You can remove them, spending gold or mana, to get free gems. Proceeding to higher levels, you’ll get powerful leaders, as Barbarian King or Archer Queen.

It’s one of the popular mobile games of the last time. Be sure, that it’s not another boring app.

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