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DJ Studio 5 is a powerful mixing app made for mobile phones and tablets. This software allows you to create your own music mixes. You can scratch and vary your songs using the following sound effects: Bit crusher, Reverb, Phaser, Gate, Flanger, Brake, Flipping Double, and 3D.

The app’s interface is similar to a vinyl turntable with 2 decks. Despite it is only the virtual mixer, but it looks like real DJ equipment. You can always choose a theme for your workspace. For this sake, there are several amazing skins. Some of them are paid.

To make a new track, you should load your song on the deck using the melody icon button. If you want to get access to effects’ menu and standard DJ tools, tap on the Play button which is nearby of your deck. You should see five tabs in a column: EQ (3-band equalizer), BPM, Loop, FX, and PL (playlists). BPM tool allows you to slow down and accelerate your tracks. Loop uses to repeat certain parts of your songs. As for FX, you are able to lock them to listen to the applied sound effect in real-time mode.

Despite the application distributes as freeware, it contains digital purchases and advertisement banners. If you want to get additional content as skins or samples, then you should spend real money.

DJ Studio 5 brings a lot of interesting audio options. The software allows you to become a DJ in a moment. Besides, it’s suitable as for novices as for professionals. So, it can be a really good application for those users who like to make music and mixes.

Key features and functions

  • A DJ mixer-like interface.
  • 8 audio effects.
  • Two 3-band equalizers.
  • Crossfader support.
  • Multitouch support.
  • Record your edited tracks.
  • Share your output tracks with your friends on SounCloud, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The inbuilt music player that allows you to listen to MP3 files.
  • 7 available skins for customizing your mixer.

Special requirements

  • 1-core CPU at 800 MHz (2-core CPU recommended).
  • 1 GB RAM recommended.
  • Multi-touch since 3.0.
  • Screen compatibility from 3.7" to 10" and HD screens.

What's new?

5.1.6 (25.07.2016)
  • Fixed crashes and bugs.
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Size: 13.4 MB
License: Adware (In-app purchases) (Free)
Updated: 25.07.2016
Version: 5.1.6
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