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Dr. Web Light is a convenient antivirus made for Android platform. It provides a high-level of mobile security and the anti-threat screen that works in real time mode.

The app has a user-friendly interface that provides the following options: Scanner, SplDer Guard (real time monitor), Updating, Statistics, Upgrading (purchase the standard version), and Quarantine. The Scanner menu is divided into 3 tabs including Express, Full and custom scan. When the scanning process will be over, you can decide what to do with infected files. To disable your online protection, you should tap on the SplDer Guar option. If you want to get information about detected threats, open the Statistics tab.

This antivirus can scan SD card of your mobile device to detect any threats. Furthermore, you are able to find unknown malware which is not in the main base. It is possible via the Origins Tracing technology. Also, the antivirus can prevent infestation of autorun files and detect dangerous exploits which may harm your system.

Dr. Web Light is a powerful antivirus application suited for various types of threats. However, you should know that this app doesn’t provide protection against all viruses and malware because it’s only the light version. And it’s absolutely free. So, if you want additional functions and strong anti-threat guardian, you should pay attention to the standard version of mobile Dr. Web which is distributing for free only during 14 days. Otherwise, you can use this app to keep secure a system of your mobile device at medium level.

Key features and functions

  • Fast scanning mode.
  • Light weighted antivirus bases.
  • The app doesn't affect on system speed performance.
  • You can detect dangerous threats and send them to quarantine.

What's new?

9.01.2 (11.07.2016)
  • Threat detection and removal processes were improved.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Enhanced performance.
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Size: 3.8 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 11.07.2016
Version: 9.01.2
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