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Dragon Mania Legends is a cross-platform game made by Gameloft. This app is devoted to dragons and their homeland, Dragonlandia. In this game, your mission is to raise powerful dragon-warriors and build a glorious fantasy kingdom. You have to feed your pets, breed new species, make their life comfortable and struggle against Viking tribes.

In practice, it’s a mix of a farmer simulator and a Pokemon game with a focus on battles and getting new dragons. You can invite friends, visit their kingdoms, and send them gifts. For battles, you need to have at least 3 dragons. When you got them you could attack enemy fortress to fight against other monsters. To unlock new pets, items, and structures, you should complete quests. Every dragon represents a nature element. It can be the wind, earth, fire, metal, and others. Also, you are able to train your pets to get them stronger and learn new skills.

The game has digital products. For example, you can accelerate building processes or purchase various items and new dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends offers a catching gameplay with interesting characters and beautiful graphics style. There are a lot of similar games where you are growing your pets and build various structures for them. However, this app has lots of advantages and provides unforgettable game experience. If you like cartoon graphics style, dragons, and Pokemon-like games, then this application could be a good choice.

Key features and functions

  • More than 200 dragons.
  • A variety of tasks.
  • Lots of combination for breeding new species.
  • Feed your pets and interact with them.
  • Fight in team battles.
  • Gather a collection of rare and elite dragons.
  • Invite your friends.

Special requirements

  • Internet connection.

What's new?

2.5.1j (25.11.2016)
  • The Halloween-themed update.
  • Added new dragons.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Size: 36.6 MB
License: Adware (In-app purchases) (Free)
Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 2.5.1j
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