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ES File Explorer is a popular, comprehensive and free file manager for Android devices. It offers a variety of useful features. Also, the application can be used as a task manager if you need to kill a certain process that takes too many system resources. Users can create new folders, cut, move, delete, rename, copy files, and sort them. The app also supports unpacking archive files and data backup. There are also LAN, FTP, cloud services, and Bluetooth support.

The application has a convenient interface. If you are launching this app on your tablet, navigation categories, as Local, Library, LAN, Tools, and Network, will be on the left side of the screen. And main buttons will be on the bottom of the screen. For Android phones, there is no navigation column. When you tap on a folder it will be saved in a separate window. You can switch between them for quick navigation (Windows button). However, you are not available to open more than 8 windows. You can also use swipe actions to switch screens and windows. If you need to operate with a file, just tap on it and press button during a second. The operation menu will appear.

Some people consider this app as the best Android file manager. It has a lot of capabilities and interesting functions. The software allows you to easily manage folders and files on your mobile device. Besides, you don’t need to learn too much if you want to manage folders and files. The software is an intuitive and pretty simple for users.


Key features and functions

  • It allows you to work with folders and files of your mobile device.
  • Gesture support.
  • Upload and download files from cloud services, as DropBox, SkyDrive, and others.
  • Customize a view of folders and files.

What's new? (23.11.2016)
  • Added new user interface for a video player.
  • A new file reminder has been added.
  • Fixed Sender issue on Android 7.0.
  • Fixed an issue with external SD card on Android 5.0.
  • Android 6.0 enhancements.
  • Extended Root support.
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Size: 9.12 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 23.11.2016
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