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Edjing is a professional music mixer studio designed for Android tablets and phones. Primarily, this tool was developed specially for DJs and amateur music lovers who fond of creating new mixes. This application provides a variety of sound effects, FX filters, recording option, and large free music library (SoundCloud). It is also compatible with a wireless crossfader (Mixfader). Besides, you can import songs from Vimeo on the workspace of the mixer and change them as you want.

The app’s interface is similar to a real DJ mixer. You are able to scratch and mix tracks on the vinyl turntable instantly like a professional DJ. As a modern app, it allows you to share created tracks with social media networks. Let your friends know about your music talents and DJ skills.

Despite the application distributes as freeware, it has in-app purchases. If you want to get customizable skins, new audio and rhythmic effects, then you can find these items in the Edjing digital store.

Nowadays the program was downloaded by 30 million users worldwide. Edjing got ‘Best app of the year’ award in Google Play Market for 2013 and 2014. Many DJs think that it is a number one app on Android platform. If you are looking for a creative music editor that looks like a real DJ vinyl turntable and allows you to experiment with audio effects and do mixes, you should pay attention to this software. Definitely, it is one of the best applications among other mobile DJ utilities.

Key features and functions

  • A vinyl turntable-like interface.
  • Import free samples and songs from Deezer, Vimeo, and SoundCloud library.
  • Lots of audio effects and filters.
  • High-quality recording option.
  • Share your mixes on social networks.
  • Dynamic spectrums
  • A crossfader support.

Special requirements

  • 1 GB RAM recommended.

What's new?

6.1.2 (25.11.2016)
  • You can purchase the Crossfader and link it to the sampler.
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Size: 22.8 MB
License: Freeware (In-app purchases) (Free)
Updated: 23.06.2019
Version: 6.16.04
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