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Game Guardian is a special utility that can modify in-game values. It can be health points, amount of money, mana or gold, local currency, speed of building and other parametres.

Install the app and launch it. You’ll see the tutorial. Tap on Start GG. Game Guardian will be activated. Then you need to run a game. If you want to change in-game values, click on transparent icon of the utility. Tap on magnifier icon and choose Search option. Enter the value that you want to change in your game. For example, it can be amount of attempts. Choose Auto type and click on Search button. The program will display all variables that have selected value.  It’s similar to ArtMoney mechanism when you need to change variables and save it. Return to game and check your parameter’s value. Of course, in some cases it can be very hard to change all variables from a searching list. But it is the shortest way to easy a game walkthrough.

To launch this application your need Root access. Make sure that you have installed Game Guardian into your device memory storage, not SD-card. It’s very important if you want that it would work without troubles. Otherwise the application could not change in­-game values. A temporary path is another important issue. Set the path for temp files in the app’s settings.

If you have problems with GameKiller or Freedom, then try this application. It has Multilanguage support and convenient setting menu.

Key features and functions

  • You can modify all search results at once.
  • Supports more than 90 languages.
  • Conveinent filtering of search results.
  • It can be run or ARM and x86 devices.
  • The tutorial and Help included.

Limitations of trial version

  • Modifying feature is not available for some games.

Special requirements

  • Requires Android 2.3.3 or above.
  • GameGuardian needs several hundreds MB of free space to work properly.
  • You need to set a path for temporary files.

What's new?

8.9.1 (25.11.2016)
  • 'Saved list updates interval' setting has been added.
  • 'Freeze interval' setting has been added.
  • Improved sorting of the app list.
  • Daemon freezing has been improved.
  • Region detection has been enhanced.
  • Updated translations.
  • Various bug fixes.
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License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 04.06.2019
Version: 81.0
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