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Google Play Music is the useful app for Android platform that provides the audio player and music world collection. Everyone can legally listen to popular tracks on their mobile devices, using this software. Besides, you can download a song and listen to it on your tablet or phone in offline mode. However, you can't copy them and move to another device because they save as cache, not audio file. If you don’t know what to pick up, you can choose audio tracks from Google top charts. If you have already bought music albums in Google Store, then the app can recommend you new songs related to your audio collection.

After launching the app will automatically detect all music that you have on your device. The app has a very simple interface. The top orange panel has only two buttons: the main menu and search. Use the main menu to get access to the Shop, Settings, Help, and Music Library. The last one offers you to sort audio files by songs, artists, genres, albums, and playlists. The player doesn’t differ too much from other audio apps. It has standard buttons (play, previous, next), like, dislike, and shuffle.

The player is absolutely free. However, you can see that the app has a trial period. It is related to Google service. Users can download for free songs and albums from Google Play Store during 60 days. But you need to subscribe by redeeming the gift code or adding payment methods (PayPal, debit or credit card).

Key features and functions

  • Smar recommendations.
  • A huge music collection.
  • Download for free songs from Google Play during a trial period.
  • Google+ integration.

Limitations of trial version

  • There is in-app purchases.
  • A trial period for free song downloading is 60 days of ad-free usage.

What's new?

7.0.4007-1.J.3489099 (26.11.2016)
  • Enhanced recommendation algorithm.
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Size: 18.5 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 26.11.2016
Version: 7.0.4007-1.J.3489099
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