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HD Video Player 1.8.3

Version for Android.
HD Video Player
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Systems: Android
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 13 MB
Langs English
License (Free)
Updated: 2016-08-24

General information about the program

HD Video Player is a comprehensive and beautiful player made for Android phones. It supports almost all popular video formats including AVI, MP4, WMV, VOB, MPG, ASF, FLV, and others. Also, you can playback high-definition videos without freezes and lags. Besides, the player doesn’t require extra plugins, codecs, and third party software. Everything that you need for watching favorite films is included in the app.

The application has a simple and easy-in-use interface designed for mobile devices. There are three tabs on the main screen – Local video, Recent video, and Video folder. After launching the player, it will automatically start scanning your Android system to find all media files that can be launched. The Local video tab will display all found items. Tap on a file and hold it on to view the context menu. It allows you to rename, delete, remove, and share the selected file. The Recent video tab shows those video files that you have watched recently. The third tab will help you to browse your files in attempt to find video files for watching in internal storage and SD card.

Despite the app distributes as freeware, it contains ads and pop-ups. It is pity but there are no in-app purchases that could remove banners and promotion offers in this application.

HD Video Player is a handsome and universal video player for Android platform. It can be recommended those users who appreciate simplicity, a big number of supported video formats, HD video support, and minimal design.

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