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There is a lot of interesting navigation apps for Android platform. And HERE maps is one of them. The app has been bought by Nokia Company and presented as the free mobile navigator that can work as online as offline. It is using databases of the world-known digital map manufacturer – Navtq. You are able to download more than 200 country maps and information about objects in 1200 cities all around the world. Maps update automatically. The app provides turn-by-turn voice guidance and information about speed limitations. Also, it is considering traffic jams. So, if you need to get somewhere by car, the app will help you to do with a maximum efficiency.

The program’s interface doesn’t differ from other navigation applications. It’s easy in use and hasn’t unwanted elements. There are a huge map and several buttons. If you want to save your routes, you need to create an account. The main menu includes the following options: Maps, Drive, Collections, Download maps, Use app offline, Settings, About, and Sign Out. Users can switch between Drive and standard mode. The app provides detailed information for plenty map objects. There is search form if you need to find

HERE maps can be a reliable digital companion for your journeys and good alternative app to Google Maps. It has lots of useful and interesting features. Besides, this program can be launched in offline. If you have a tablet or phone with Android 4.1 or above, you can try this software as the universal navigator.

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2.0.10914 (25.11.2016)
  • Performance improvements and updates.
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Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 2.0.10914
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