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Indeed Job Search is the client application that provides access to the job search aggregator service. The app allows you to search for a new job all over the world. Plus, it has a clear and convenient interface designed for Android phones and tablets.

The first time you open the app, you will see a search form and registration button. If you want to create your resume and post it, you should be signed in. Make a new account or sign in via Facebook to get started with the app. If you just want to look on the vacancy list, you can choose your country or a country where do you want to find a job, enter a keyword for your job, and point a city (state, zip code) to start searching. If you like the job that you have found, you can save it and email to the employer that is posted this vacancy. Besides, the filter allows you to display all or new job listings. That is useful if you want to respond in time.

To unlock all functions of the app, we recommend you to sign in. After registration, you will be able to view recommended jobs based on your search keywords, subscriptions (favorite vacancies), and recent searches. Also, you will be able to fill all forms of your resume and send it to employers.

Indeed Job Search is a perfect app for headhunters and job seekers. It contains all important tools that could be useful for employees and employers. You should pay attention to this application especially if you want to get a new job in an international company.

Key features and functions

  • A convenient and easy-in-use interface.
  • Advanced search form and filters.
  • Scheduled Search.
  • The app will notify you when jobs of your criteria will be found.
  • Find a job all over the world.

What's new?

3.1 (22.08.2016)
  • Added support for Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Uruguay, and Ukraine.
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Size: 1.5 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 22.08.2016
Version: 3.1
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