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Maverick is a lightweight navigation application for Android tablets and phones. The program doesn’t differ too much from other Android navigator. It provides detailed information about map spots: hotels, gas station, schools, banks, malls, parks, theaters, and other objects. They are displayed as waypoints in the app. Users can always edit information of any waypoint. They are stored as KML files. So, everyone can open these files in Google Earth. The main feature of this software is the offline map support. Users can download maps and terrains to view them in offline mode. Also, you can share your GPS coordinates and record tracks in GPX format (for Google Earth).

The program has a pretty convenient interface. It allows you to navigate various maps, add waypoints, and find different objects on a map. If you need to switch a map vendor, you should tap on the settings button, which is on the top-left corner of the screen, and choose a database in the first tab.

The app uses databases of OpenStreetMaps, HikeBikeMap, OSM Cycle, Yandex, and other services. You can also purchase Pro version that provides access to unlimited waypoints, lock compass to bearing, UTM/OSGB grids, OS Explorer maps, and FourSquare support.

Many mobile users consider this program as the best navigator, which doesn’t require the Internet connection. You just need to download maps once to use it always on your device. It can be a helpful application for drivers, tourists, and travelers.

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2.7.4 (13.03.2016)
  • Added new maps.
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Updated: 13.03.2016
Version: 2.7.4
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