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Nova Launcher is a mobile application that can change your standard layout. Despite it doesn’t provide a wide range of customization options, this software will help you to create original Android desktop and run it without troubleshooting. So, you can quickly switch between screens. And your Android layout won’t be frozen.

The launcher has a simple interface view. There are five functional buttons fixed on the bottom of the screen (Dock): Google Play Market, the standard browser, Contacts, Phone, and Menu. If you want to customize desktop grid, widgets, apps, and other parameters, you should tap on Menu button. There will be Nova Settings in the first row of apps. This option allows you to set gestures and inputs, customize folder icons and Dock options. You can also choose an icon theme and scroll effect (a transition), prevent changes to the desktop (lock desktop), set animation and scroll speed; customize notifications, width/height padding, infinite scroll, wallpapers and other settings.

Nova Launcher hasn’t so many functions and additional applications as Hola Launcher. But it allows you to change your standard launcher and use the modern interface without lags. Besides, it doesn’t require supplementary apps. It’s the standalone software that can be a good alternative to HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz interfaces.

Key features and functions

  • Customize your desktop and transitions.
  • It doesn't affect the device performance.
  • It can integrated with instant messengers.

What's new?

4.3.1 (29.06.2016)
  • Fixed disappearing icons.
  • Fixed appearance of drawer tab.
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Size: 6.2 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 29.06.2016
Version: 4.3.1
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