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Periscope is a new innovative application made by Twitter developers’ team. It will allow you to broadcast video from a camera of their mobile devices. Users can switch between front and back cameras during broadcasting. Besides, it’s a social media platform where every user can upload their video content. So users can replay your stream during. They can follow their favorite streams to get notifications that a stream is online. And every broadcast has its own chat room where you can ask questions and talk with a streamer. If you want to start broadcasting, you should push on the red button. Also, you can create private streams if you want to invite your friends.

Users can push on the heart icon to express that they enjoy this broadcast. It’s the analog of the Like button. But hearts and followers don’t relate to streamer popularity too much. All broadcasts are depending on an amount of viewers, and their activity. So, streamers should be more communicable with their audience. The more users are watching a stream, the higher rating position it would take in the global list.

Periscope developers thought about teleportation when they have been creating this app. So, users can broadcast their video from any place they want. Of course, the software requires a stable Internet connection. Otherwise, your broadcast can be interrupted. Developers are always trying to improve service features and a quality of broadcasted video.

Key features and functions

  • An innovative social media that grants you an opportunity to start easily a broadcast.
  • Users can chat with your favorite streamers.
  • You can save your video in the internal memory of your mobile device.

Special requirements

  • You should be signed up with your Twitter account or phone number.

What's new?

1.8.1 (26.11.2016)
  • The broadcaster actions menu that allows you to send an invitation to your viewers to follow you or share a broadcast.
  • The long press on the app icon, which in on Home screen, allows you to Search, Go Live, or Teleport with one tap.
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License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 26.11.2016
Version: 1.8.1
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