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PicSay is a small photo editor for Android devices that has unique features. This is not a standard editing tool. The creative fun is the main conception of the application. This software provides a variety of stunning filters and awesome stickers.

The interface is extremely simple. Just tap on 'Get a picture' button and choose an image from your gallery. Your picture will be added to the workspace. Now you can add stickers and apply filters from the top panel. It has four options including Sticker, Effect, Export, and the special button. The last one provides access to a picture deleting, transforming, history, and favorite tab. Transform section offers resize, flip, rotate, and crop options. Effect tab is divided into Adjustments and Effects. You can change temperature, saturation, contrast, brightness, tint, and exposure. There are next free filters: hue, colorize, invert, dizziness, rainbow, sepia toning, distort, marker, spotlight, and pixelize. Some of them have additional settings. If you don’t like applied effect, you can undo your action. Stickers allow you to add new objects and text to your pictures. To get new stickers and effects, you should upgrade the app to the Pro version. The output result can be exported to albums.

PicSay is a stable and useful photo editor. It’s pretty easy in use. You can create outstanding images using the toolset of the app. The software allows users to express creativity and editing skills.

Key features and functions

  • More than 500 stickers and 100 fonts.
  • Lots of filters.
  • Cropping, transformation and resizing tools.
  • A simple interface.

Limitations of trial version

  • Additional stickers and effects are available only in the Pro version.

What's new? (12.02.2016)
  • You can upgrade PicSay to the Pro version.
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Size: 1.4 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 12.02.2016
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