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A powerful app that can help you to make high-quality audio tracks on your Android device.

Key features and functions

  • 150 extra synth tools.
  • A wide range of audio effects and filters.
  • Record your music and share it on social media networks.
  • 3-band equalizer for each channel.
  • Large community.

Limitations of trial version

PoketBand is one of the best applications for music makers on Android phones and tablets. The app provides a variety of loops, synth, drum sets, modulator, guitar, and samples for your needs. You can easily compose and publish new awesome mixes using the 12-channel sequencer and the 3-band equalizer for each channel. There is also voice recording option for those who like to use voice tracks in songs.

After launching the app, you have to register an account. For this sake, you can use Google Plus or your email. Then you will be asked about a tutorial. You can skip it or start learning basics. At first glance, the app’s interface looks a little bit complicated. There are 4 tabs: Workspace, My Profile, Community, and News. Workspace provides you access to music creating tools. My Profile contains information about you and provides a list of your tracks that were created in the app. If you want to share your music and listen to audio tracks made by other users, then you should tap on the Community tab.

The program distributes as commercial ware. However, you are able to download the demo version that provides a restricted functionality. If you want to unlock all features, you should purchase the Pro version of the app.

It’s good and reliable music software that allows you to create amazing remixes and feel like a real DJ. Some people can say that this program contains excess options and elements. But if you are looking for a comprehensive and powerful app for creating new music, then PoketBand is the best choice for you.

What's new?

3.7.2 (25.07.2016)
  • Fixed crashes while recording or importing.
  • Now you can import music from your audio library or other installed audio apps.
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Size: 2.9 MB
License: Demo (Paid)
Updated: 26.07.2016
Version: 3.7.2
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