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Pokemon Go is a popular game app designed for Android and iOS devices. It became a number one mobile application in a few days after the releasing date. A huge number of players are trying to find various pocket monsters walking on the streets and visiting interesting places.

In this game, you are taking a role of a pokemon trainer who collects fantastic creatures called pokemons. In the beginning, the professor offers you to choose a starter pokemon. There are Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Then you will be offered to learn tutorial. You’ll be taught how to use Pokedex, a special device that is similar to pokemon encyclopedia, and how to throw your pokeball, a mini trap for beasts, to capture new pokemons. Some creatures can deflect your pokeballs and hide from you making. So, you have to use baits and forage to catch rare pokemons. Also, you have to choose a team for players’ competition. You’ll be able to fight with other trainers.

You should know that all in-game maps are based on your current location. The game creates a virtual copy of your city or village using in-built GPS function of your mobile device. Another important issue is augmented reality. Developers use this technology to release pokemons out of the virtual world. You are able to view these fantastic beasts in the real world using your phone camera and GPS.

Pokemon Go was released on 20th anniversary of Pokemon series. Nintendo switched from their exclusive platforms to well-known mobile systems to bring the game to players on the world market. The game experience really differs from other Nintendo projects. Augmented reality helps you to become a real pokemon master. If you are fond of Pokemons and innovative technologies, then you should try this game.

Key features and functions

  • A plenty of various items that help you to evolve and master your pokemon.
  • More than 200 pokemons.
  • Many creatures have their evolution forms.
  • Compete with other players.

Special requirements

  • The Internet connection.
  • GPS.
  • Photo/video camera.
  • Not compatible with Android devices that use Intel Atom processors.
  • Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed.

What's new?

0.47.1 (25.11.2016)
  • Fixed an issue with the egg-hatching cutscene animation.
  • Various bug fixes.
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Size: 90.1 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 0.47.1
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