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Rocket Music Player 4.1.86

Version for Android.
Rocket Music Player
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Systems: Android
Android 2.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 5.17 MB
Langs English
License (Free)
Updated: 2016-11-26

General information about the program

Rocket Music Player is an advanced audio player for Android tablets and phones. It has support for a variety of popular formats, including MP3, FLAC, APE, WAV, and others. There is also the 5-band equalizer for sound settings and tag editor.

The app has a simple and minimalistic interface designed in blue and grey colors. The main screen has the following tabs: Songs, Artists, Albums, Playlists, Folders, Genres, Compose, Podcasts, and Videos. As you can see, it differs little from other audio players, which have a separate library tab for such division. But developers decided to simplify this task and not to make a starting screen as the separate one. However, there is advanced sorting option. For example, you can sort songs by year, rating, title, and other parameters. Some of them are crossing with the library sorting.

The player has five buttons: Play, Previous, Next, Shuffle mode, and Repeating current song. The tool panel, which is on the top of the screen, provides advanced options, as the tag editor, file information, equalizer, adding a file to a playlist, and other functions.

Some functions are available only for the premium version. For example, it allows you to download album covers from the Internet and add them, using local storage.

Rocket Music Player is a reliable and convenient audio player. It has a lot of useful features and allows you to sort your music files, using various options.

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