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Solid Explorer is a versatile and powerful file manager for Android platform. It’s a good and reliable tool for file browsing and management. The app allows users to operate with files and folders on mobile devices. You can use swipe actions, drag and drop, and quick selection. There is support for cloud services, as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Sugarsync, and others. Also, the app has an ability to extract and read RAR, ZIP and TAR files.

The program has a simple interface divided into two independent panels. It allows you to quickly copy and move files from a directory to another one. The main panel offers the following buttons: New (create a new folder, connection, and file), Actions (cut, copy, delete, rename, select, and properties), Filer, Jump (device, photos, downloads, network, bookmarks, and quick config) and menu (search, sort, view, operations, manage bookmarks, file sharing, and settings). So, the app has a variety of functions that can help you to work with files on Android devices. If you need to copy or move your files and folders, you should select them by tapping on an icon. Operations button allows you to view the history of all actions and track current operations.

The application is distributed as the free program. But it has an advertisement block. If you want to remove it, you should purchase a special unlocker in Google Play Market. However, there is the enhanced version of this app that is distributed as the trial software. It has some new features that are not available in the Classic (free) version of the utility.

Key features and functions

  • Two panels for quick operations and easy navigation.
  • Select all files in a folder.
  • A convenient  and customizable interface.
  • Drag and Drop support.

What's new?

1.7.1 (23.11.2016)
  • Fixed issues with Root access.
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Size: 6.4 MB
License: Adware (Free)
Updated: 23.11.2016
Version: 1.7.1
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