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The house of Magic is an outstanding 3D game app based on the popular computer-animated film. You’ll meet with known characters as the ginger cat named Thunder, Mr. Lawrence, Clara, Chihuahua, Twiggy, Ding, Nurse Baxter, and others.

The app includes a variety of puzzle mini-games consolidated by the film theme. Basically, you are controlling Thunder who walks around the house and take part in different challenges. Some locations will be locked until you resolve previous puzzles. In the kitchen, you can help cook (Chief) to collect ingredients in a Tetris-like game. Just create springboards to push out various items at a time. The more items you collect the more points you get. Edison is another mini-game where you must walk through a labyrinth made in 2D arcade style. Also, you can find a mini-game with a small helicopter (Twiggy) which is gathering coins around a big tree. In the hall, you will discover Stomp: it’s a racing game where you should roll over items collecting candies.

The House of Magic is a good and interesting application designed for children and their parents. Those users who didn’t see the film won’t be disappointed at all because it’s mostly 3D logic game without plot spoilers. Despite there are a lot of famous characters, you won’t know the whole story. If you really like mobile puzzles and arcades, then you should pay attention to this app.

Key features and functions

  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • 5 interesting mini-games.
  • A variety of achievements.
  • A pretty nice soundtrack.
  • Share your result in social networks.
Size: 10 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 11.07.2016
Version: 1.2
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