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Total Commander (TC) is a mobile version of the world-known file manager. Originally, the desktop version was made to simplify folder and file management. But then it has got an auxiliary functionality. The file manager became a powerful tool. This application hasn’t so many multipurpose features. But it offers standard functions of the desktop TC. Users have access to all file operations as copying, deleting, renaming, cutting, and moving. Also, you can compress or decompress ZIP archives and unpack RAR files.

The app’s interface is divided into two parts as the original version of TC. File operational buttons (Select, Move, Pack, Delete, Sort, Add/Edit) are on the bottom of the screen. Other options are on the top menu. There you will find the following functions: search, create a new folder, bookmarks, configure, help information. If you want to select a file to copy, rename or move it to another folder, you should tap on an icon of this file. If you want to view all functions, you should press on the file and wait a second. There will be appeared the advanced menu. The app offers five types of sorting function. You can sort by name, extension, size, and date or time.

TC is a free and easy-in-use application. If you were accustomed to the desktop version of the software and want to get a convenient, agile mobile file manager, we recommend you to pay attention to this app. It’s absolutely free app that helps you to manage and control files and folders on your Android phone or tablet.

Key features and functions

  • The interface is similar to the desktop version of Total Commander.
  • You can easily work with a group of files.
  • It has support for all standard operations and unpacking.
  • Drag and drop (long press on a file) support.
  • It has a text editor.
  • A user can install plugins for cloud services.
  • Multilanguage support.

What's new?

2.72 (27.02.2016)
  • For now, there is no support for 'Root functions everywhere'.
  • Various improvements and enhancements for Android 6.0.
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Size: 1.8 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 27.02.2016
Version: 2.72
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