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Toy Blast is a colorful mobile logic game with attractive characters and addictive mechanics. The gaming app is based on the color block conception. Your main goal is matching two or more blocks of the same color. You can compete with your friends and other players. Results will be displayed on Facebook Leaderboards.

When you launch the app first time, you should play the tutorial level and learn basics of the game. It is extremely easy and seems like a casual match-3 gaming application. You have a certain amount of moves that should be spent wisely. If you waste all these moves, then one heart or live will disappear. But there are coins which can be used for purchasing additional moves. It is a proper method to continue a level without heart losses.

You should know that each level has its own goals. They differ from stage to stage. Sometimes you have to match cubes of a certain color. Sometimes your goal will be a toy that should be free from blocks. Anyway, you have to match color blocks and use special items, as dynamite, rocket, and Puzzle Cube, to pass through levels. These items will help you to crush blocks and reach all your current goals.

Despite the game distributes as freeware, it contains in-app purchases. If you want to acquire extra coins and lives, you have to spend real money. Of course, you can wait until a heart will be restored. But it takes a time.

Toy Blast is a wonderful logic game that can entertain you or your children. It provides a numerous of levels with exciting puzzles and cute toys, as bonus rewards.

Key features and functions

  • Awesome graphics.
  • A variety of levels and bonus awards.
  • Facebook Leaderboards.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • It's a free-to-play game.

What's new?

2803 (01.12.2016)
  • Added 20 new levels.
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Size: 68.8 MB
License: Freeware (In-app purchases) (Free)
Updated: 28.11.2016
Version: 2841
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