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WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.360

Version for Android.
WhatsApp Messenger
2.7 (Votes: 2)
Systems: Android
Android 2.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 26.1 MB
Langs English   else
License (Free)
Updated: 2019-12-10

General information about the program

WhatsApp Messenger is a messenger client for mobile platform. When the app has been appeared in markets, it was highly ranked by Google Play and iTunes users. It has not ad banners or annoying pop-ups. And there are all functions that you need for comfortable talking. Make video and audio messages for your friends. Invite them to group chat rooms and share video and music files.

The software is based on push notifications. So, you don’t need to log in or log out during chat sessions. You can connect your account with address book to invite your friends for chatting.

You can use it absolutely free (no limit for any messages) during 1 year. Then you should decide to donate 0,99 USD or pay attention to another messaging apps. The program has customization option. So, you can change wallpaper or some sounds.

Developers of WhatsApp have worked 20 years in Yahoo! company. But they decided to focus on mobile apps in 2012, thinking that smartphones will get a leading role in the world market of the future. They believe that a good mobile service is more than just another plain app in the digital store. Trying to make a real good product, they pay attention to user’s feedback. If you want to improve Android version of program, you should send your answers or offers on

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