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YouTube Kids is a free Android application developed by the YouTube developer team in 2015. It is the adopted version of the popular mobile app, YouTube. Now kids and parents can use YouTube without worries to face irrelevant content.

The program has a simple interface. There are only 4 tabs: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore. Using these tabs, your child can easily navigate interesting videos which are appropriated for kids. The app’s searching mechanisms are based on the YouTube engine. The service will recommend content depending on your favorites and watched videos. The application provides an advanced search feature. It can help your kid to access millions YouTube Kids videos beyond the home screen. This function can be disabled at the launching screen. In the settings menu, you can adjust various parameters (subtitles, sound effects, app music, and others) and create a parental passcode. Also, you are able to use Timer to set time limit. When time is up, the app will be locked automatically.

Despite the app distributes as freeware, it contains ads. Also, you should know that some videos can contain commercial ad that doesn’t concern to the YouTube web service directly.

Nowadays almost all parents are thinking about children protection in the Internet. In the age of digital content consumption, it’s not easy to control manually all videos that face your kids on YouTube. The application was made to resolve this problem. Parents can set up the app as they want to filter unwanted videos.

Key features and functions

  • You can set up parental control depending on your needs.
  • A user-friendly interface designed for kids and parents.
  • Convenient navigation tabs.
  • Watch your favorite videos on the big screen.
  • A huge collection of interesting channels and videos.
  • Timer included.

What's new?

1.97.2 (25.11.2016)
  • Various fixes and updates.
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Size: 34.4 MB
License: Adware (Free)
Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 1.97.2
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