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iHeartRadio is the official application of its web service that is well-known in the USA. This app provides access to unlimited audio tracks and radio stations. It allows you to playback as world known stations as your local ones. Also, you can listen to music offline and record any song you want.

To start with, you have to log in or register a new account. When you will be in, you have to set up audio preferences. There are a variety of music genres and directions, as dance, rock, oldies, and others. Your choice relates to what stations will be displayed in your playlist.

There are 3 tabs on the main page. The first one is showing related stations. Local Radio tab can help you to choose radio from your local area. My Stations is a place where you can find your favorite stations that have been added recently. Plus, you are able to use the search form to quickly find any radio from the huge media base. If you want to get Artist Radio, podcasts, or Live Radio, then you should push the menu button.  It also contains Alarm Clock, Listening History, Sleep Timer, and Settings.

Despite the app distributes as freeware, it has some limitations. To extend functionality and get extra features, as saving any song from radio, an unlimited amount of skips, offline mode, unlimited playlists, you should purchase the Premium version.

iHeartRadio is a wonderful audio app that gives you an opportunity to listen to any kind of audio tracks that you want. This application will be appropriate for those who are found of new music experience

Key features and functions

  • A numerous amount of live stations, talk shows, and podcasts.
  • Create your own radio playlists.
  • A wide range of music genres.
  • Save your favorite audio tracks (paid feature).
  • Offline mode (paid feature).

What's new?

6.6.1 (19.11.2016)
  • Fixed a crash bug caused by Android Wear.
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Size: 22 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 28.11.2016
Version: 6.6.1
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