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letgo 1.8.4

Version for Android.
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Systems: Android
Android 4.x
Android 5.x
Size: 11.2 MB
Langs English
License Freeware (Free)
Updated: 2016-11-24

General information about the program

Letgo is a handsome Android application that allows you to purchase second-hand goods. Plus, you can earn money by selling various things that you don’t need. The app lets you make photos of your selling items and post them in seconds. Also, you are able to chat with sellers or buyers to make an agreement about prices.

The app has a simple and clear interface that is similar to the web version of letgo. After launching the application, you should register an account if you want to use all functions including chatting, trading, and profile customization. You can sign in using your email, Facebook or Google Plus account. When you are in, you will see a huge gallery of various items. If you want to find the certain things, you should use a search form or the category button which is on the top-right corner of the screen. In the category list, you will discover Electronics, Home and Garden, Cars and Motors, Sports, Movies, Books, Music, Fashion, Baby, and other tabs. Besides, you can set up your profile and search goods on a certain distance, point a price range, and sort found items.

Letgo is the comprehensive app that provides access to a wide variety of items that could be bought by discounted price. Also, you are able to sell your goods on the letgo market. It is a fast and safe method of purchasing or selling second-hand commodities. You can install this application on iOS and Android devices if you want to try a simple, free and convenient trade app.

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