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How to use talent rune?

I bought the talent rune (5000 fame points cost). How do I use it?
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DarkWing#143900 08.12.2015, 05:00
You need to have lots of fame points (totally 26000 fame points for 8/8 talent) and a hero with 5/8 of the secondary talent if you want to use talent runes. It takes a lot of efforts to collect them. If your castle power is about 40000, then you have to gather these fame points during 4-6 months.

You can easily buy 5/10 talent chest with a random talent in the Warehouse (switch to the Trade Fame tab). Then enter the Warehouse, select your Talent Rune or Talent Chest and push on the Proceed button.

Then choose the hero for whom you want to renew a talent. After that, click on the third icon (the talent rune renewing).

This window will appear:

Click OK to get a new talent. Then choose a hero and renew your old secondary talent by tapping on Replace button.

After that, you are able to improve your secondary talent up to 8th level using the Green Talent Rune for level 6 (10 pieces) that can be bought for 300 fame per 1 item. So, you have to collect 3000 fame points to acquire 6 level of the hero secondary talent.

To get the 7th level, you have to buy violet Talent Rune level 7 (10 pieces). It costs 600 fame points per item:

The last one is the gold Talent Rune for level 8 (10 pieces). It costs 1200 fame points per item.

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