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How do you get shards in Castle Clash?

I need more green shards for slimes and new heroes. But I don't know how to get them fast. What is the best way to get shards in Castle Clash?
19.03.2016 12:15

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19.03.2016 19:18
There are several ways to get these shards.

1) You can farm Hero shards in Here Be Monsters. For example, E-wave can grant you 35 shards. That is 210 shards for six tries. If you have 5 legendary heroes, which have 100-130 level, you can pass it. Of course, it would be better to use Dracula or a hero with AOE damage. H-wave requires 5 heroes with 140 level or above. The Here Be Monsters trial is the best way to get green crystals for free.

2) If you are in the powerful guild, you can enter the Torch Battle event to get 500-1000 shards.

3) Quest missions grant shards as rewards. An amount of shards depends on how fast you can resolve all tasks. So, you can get 20-100 shards per 1 quest.

4) The hardest way is a dungeon walkthrough. It is a good method if you have high-level heroes. But at the beginning, it doesn't grant any benefit.

You can combine all these methods to earn more shards.
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