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How to get Honor Badges quickly?

I have alway problem with hero upgrades. It requires a lot of honor badges at 140-180 levels. How can I earn them quickly?
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GrandLine#151831 21.03.2016, 01:56
You can get Honor Badges (HB) by claiming daily rewards and title bonus. For example, the Baronet title can provide 1000 HB per day.

The best way is a boss farming. But you should have powerful heroes with high damage rate to challenge bosses. For example, you can obtain 1000 guaranteed HB for killing the 2nd boss (7500 HB maximum). However, the first monster won't give you anything if you don't take a top position in the rating of your guild.

Arena fights can always give you some HB points. You can also try to obtain more HB, fighting with enemy heroes.

You can earn HB in raids. An amount of HB in raids depends on your Might. Also, you can earn a lot of HB in Heroes Trial. It requires strong heroes and towers with a garrison.

Dungeons are good if you have high-level heroes and lots of patience.

Also, you can sell tomes of experience and struggle with Mesa 4 Boss.

In total, all these methods require a lot of time. But if you have powerful heroes, you can earn HB faster.
Guest#177820 02.07.2017, 04:02
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