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How does garrison work in Castle Clash?

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GrandLine#151889 21.03.2016, 19:39
If you have 10-level towers, you can use garrison. It means that you can put 3 heroes in a tower. Each of them can grant special bonuses to your tower.

For the archer tower, ordinary heroes (green colored) extend an attack range, elite heroes (blue colored) enhance tower's health points and base damage, legendary heroes (purple colored) increase damage to heroes. If you want to upgrade your garrison, you should level up your heroes and increase their main skills.

For the magic tower, ordinary heroes enhance attack rate, elite heroes increase a chance to induce coma for 2 seconds, legendary heroes increase a target number and base damage.

For the cannon tower, ordinary heroes enhance a splash area, elite heroes increase base damage, legendary heroes increase a chance to fire consecutive shots. A number of shots also depends on legendary heroes.

Many players advise to build arrow towers because they are more effective in the late game. However, magic towers also are good against high-level hero waves.
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