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Audyssey is a simple and free music player for iOS platform. The app was developed by Audyssey Laboratories specializing in sound technologies and acoustic systems. The app was designed for iPhone and iPad. Also, it was optimized for your headphones and Bluetooth speakers. The player has a lot of various settings that allow you to feel comfortable when you are listening to music.

The app can optimize and perform the best quality of sound for your headset. You should just choose your model from the list. This feature allows you to listen to the high-quality sound. But you should know that the player hasn’t support for all headset models. If you won’t find your model, you are not able to use this sound technology.

The application has a simplistic and easy-in-use interface designed in minimalistic style. After launching the app, you should import your media library stored on your device. Also, you can upload music from cloud services, including iCloud. But you have to download songs from services before you import them to the player. Then you have to sort your audio tracks and make playlists. The app supports AirPlay and can upload album artworks.

It is the convenient audio player that distributes for free. The app has lots of advantages and provides a good quality of sound.  It can be used as the alternative to your standard music player.

Key features and functions

  • A variety of audio settings.
  • Sound enhancing technology.
  • A handy interface.
  • AirPlay support.

Limitations of trial version

  • If you want to use Spotify, you need to have iOS 7 or later.

What's new?

1.5.4 (11.04.2016)
  • Audio route handling for iOS 9 was fixed.
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Size: 12.4 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 11.04.2016
Version: 1.5.4
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