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Beat is a handsome audio player for iOS platform, including iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It supports a variety of audio formats. Besides, users can manage and control this player using intuitive gestures. The player supports Apple EarPods Remote, AirPlay technology, and iTunes Match. Also, you can share what you are listening to on Facebook or Twitter.

The name of the app is similar to former Beats Music. But it differs by functions and features. The app’s interface has an ergonomic and simple design. The colorful gradient theme looks really good. The main screen shows Albums, Playlists, Songs, and Artists. There are a lot of customizable options. You can change themes and customize buttons on your lock screen. The app provides a convenient search function to seek albums and songs. There are also plenty tools for playlist editing. So, you can easily set and edit your playlists. The app imports audio tracks from the storage of your device. There are no ways how you can grab music from other sources at the present time. If you haven’t any songs on your device and prefer to listen to music from the Internet, then this player is useless for you.

This is the convenient and modern audio player for iOS devices. If you are looking for an alternative to your standard music player, this application would be a really good choice.

Key features and functions

  • Manage your media library using gestures.
  • Lots of customizable themes.
  • A simple and beautiful interface.
  • iTunes Match and AirPlay support.

What's new?

1.1 (10.04.2016)
  • New seek control.
  • Added 10 new themes.
  • Added album artwork on 'Now playing' screen. Now you can choose circular or square artwork image.
  • iOS 7 support.
  • Bug fixes.
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Size: 46.5 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 19.11.2016
Version: 1.1
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