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Version for iOS.
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License (Paid)
Updated: 2018-01-23

General information about the program

Fonoteka is the music application that provides access to a huge audio catalogue. It has a minimalistic interface designed for audio listening and easy navigation.

If you want to use this music catalogue, you need to sign in with Facebook or VKontakte. If you haven’t profile in these social networks, you can create an account in Fonoteka system. It requires only your email.

After signing in you will be able to pick up a music album. Use the search form to find your favorite artist. And choose an album. The program interface has five slots for albums at the beginning. It means that you can listen to 5 albums per day and 35 albums per 7 days (trial period). That’s not so convenient especially when one album has only 1 or 3 tracks. But the subscription will allow you to add additional slots. If you want to change an album, you mustn’t play a song from it. If you have already started listening, this album will take one slot for all day. And you should know that users can’t listen to music offline.

Fonoteka’s music library is synchronized with Zvooq service. Developers of this app are working directly with music labels. So, there is only legal content. You have free access during 7 days. After that, you can listen to music via subscribe mode. It costs about 0.89 $ (59 RUB) per month.

It’s a simple application that has a huge audio library. You can find songs of any genre and listen to 5 albums of your favorite artists every day.

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