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GarageBand is the most popular app for music creating on iPads and iPhones. In practice, it’s a powerful sequencer that combines a variety of music instruments and samples. Many musicians and artists use this software to make hit songs and DJ tracks. This app allows you to create custom sounds using various instruments including electro guitar, bass, drums, synth, voice, and others.

The interface looks like a professional sequencer that you can find in music studios. Despite it’s a little bit complicated, many novices, who even don’t know musical notation, really enjoy creating new tracks in GarageBand. It’s rather simple and an addictive tool that allows you to experiment with sound and apply audio filters in real-time. Also, you are able to use and edit chords or notes.

This is the paid application. There were rumors that Apple wanted to make it free but nowadays it still cost about $4.99.

GarageBand seems like a professional sound editor in a simple package. However, some people in music industry think that it’s only a toy for novices. And it’s partly true because a pro mastering takes a lot of efforts and requires a wide variety of instruments. If you are dreaming about your own portable recording studio and you won’t spend lots of money on it, then this app could a good solution in this case. Despite it’s only an imitation of a professional studio, the program can give a plenty of positive emotions and impressions. You can even play virtual instruments and record musical parties for your following recordings.

Key features and functions

  • Use a variety of music instruments.
  • Build you own library of loops and samples of various genres.
  • A plenty of audio filters.
  • The sampler included.
  • Use 3D Touch to play keyboard sounds.
  • 9 acoustic or electronic drummers at your service.
  • Record your music.
  • Share your tracks on iCloud Drive.

What's new?

2.1.2 (16.10.2016)
  • Stability improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.
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Size: 1.7 GB
License: Commercial Ware (Paid)
Updated: 24.09.2022
Version: 2.3.13
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