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Photo Editor by Aviary 4.5.0

Version for iOS.
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Photo Editor by Aviary
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Systems: iOS
iOS 8.x
iOS 9.x
iOS 10.x
Size: 37.6 MB
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License (Free)
Updated: 2016-10-16

General information about the program

Photo Editor by Aviary is the creative and popular graphics editing app designed for iPhone and iPad. It is easy in use and provides lots of useful features. Users can rotate, resize, heal, and crop images using standard tools of the app. There are plenty of filters and effects. They will help you to enhance pictures by a few taps in seconds.  You can easily adjust colors, modify brightness, and add titles or shadows to your images. Besides, the editor includes a huge collection of stickers and overlays. Also, you can share your photos on social media networks.

The app has a convenient interface adapted for mobile devices. After launching, you can tap on photos from the Gallery to enter the editing mode. Or you can take a photo using this app. You are able to use the following presets: Portrait, Night, Hi-Def, Scenery, and Food. They can help you to apply several filters automatically. And they are similar to filter templates.

Despite this photo editor is distributing as the free application, it has digital purchases. Auxiliary filters and tools are paid. However, default instruments are absolutely free. We recommend you to visit shop often even if you won’t buy anything. But sometimes you can get packs of additional tools for free.

This app will help you to create stunning images and prepare them for uploading to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you are looking for a simple photo editor on your mobile device, we recommend you to pay attention to this software.

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