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Procreate 4.3.2

Version for iOS.
2.7 (Votes: 10)
Systems: iOS
iOS 9.x
iOS 10.x
Size: 191 MB
Langs English   else
License (Paid)
Updated: 2019-05-03

General information about the program

Procreate is a wonderful and powerful toolset for drawing, illustration, and sketching. It provides a variety of painting instruments. The application supports PNG, JPEG, and PSD formats. You can use 128 amazing brushes and 35 customizable settings for them. There are a lot of visual effects and color settings. You can apply Gaussian Blur to your image or set hue, saturation, color balance, and other parameters. You can import or export your own brushes.

The app interface was adapted for iPad and Apple Pencil. It’s easy to use and supports gesture control. You don’t need to have additional skills to start drawing using this app. Users can easily manipulate with painting tools to make astonishing drawings. For example, you can change a size and opacity of the chosen brush. The app supports layers. You can duplicate and merge them. You are able to undo or redo your previous actions (up to 250 levels). The advanced palette menu allows you to change colors and use various filters. When you will be done with your picture, you can save it in high definition and share the output result on Twitter, AirDrop, iCloud, Facebook, Google Drive, and other web services.

If you are looking for advanced painting app, then you should pay attention to this one. This application has several rewards, including Apple Design Reward. And it is one of the most useful graphics editors on iOS tablets that can help you to create stunning artworks.

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