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Snapseed is the popular photo editing tool made for mobile devices. This is the iOS version of the app designed for iPhone and iPad. The editor provides lots of tools and features that can be useful for every designer or painter. You can rotate, resize, crop, heal, and change settings of your images. Using visual effects, it’s very easy to enhance pictures, remove unwanted elements or add new ones. For example, you are able to use color adjustment, sharpening, lens blur, tonal contrast, straightening, and exposure. The program has integration with Google Plus and can be launched on old versions of iOS operating systems. However, there are some limitations for it.

The app has a convenient and ergonomic interface made in Material Design style. Despite the editor looks ascetic, it is handy when you can see all tools on the main screen. Users can always roll back their actions via Stacks. Brush tools allow you to edit a certain part of your image.

Google developers bring you a powerful tool for photo editing and retouch. It has almost the same functions as a desktop graphics editor. There is no need to purchase a commercial application if you can get the mini version of Photoshop on your mobile device for free. Despite some tools could be improved, the program has a lot of advantages and can be used for graphics editing. This app will be useful as for novices as for advanced users.

Key features and functions

  • A variety of creative tools and filters for photo editing.
  • Material Design.
  • Swipe support.
  • Help and tips included.
  • Google Plus integration.

What's new?

2.12 (19.11.2016)
  • UI fixes.
  • Improved consistency between preview and final image when using HDR Scape.
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Size: 81.4 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 24.09.2022
Version: 2.22.0
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