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TouchRetouch is a beautiful photo editor designed for mobile devices (iOS and Android). The app specializes in removing unwanted photo elements. This software has a variety of tools and filters that can help you to work with your images on a mobile device. The app has the integration with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Twitter. So, you can share saved pictures on these social networks.

The app has a convenient and simple interface adapted for iPhone and iPad. If you want to remove an object from your photo, you should pick the Brush tool and paint an object area. Then you should tap on the Start button and wait for a few seconds. It is an effective option for removing small objects. If you need to remove a complicated object, you have to use the Lasso tool. You can also undo all changes.

If you are a novice at photo editing, you are able to watch in-app tutorials. They will help you to understand how to work with tools and effects.

Despite the app is distributing as a commercial ware application, it provides lots of useful tools and features. Users can easily remove redundant objects and face imperfections using this app.

It is the powerful tool for retouching and photo editing. If you are looking for a small and functional application that can help you to remove various elements from your photos, TouchRetouch could be a good choice. It is easy and fun to edit pictures in a few taps.

Key features and functions

  • The app can remove various objects from your photos.
  • Sharing option is available.
  • You can always undo your previous actions.

What's new?

4.0.1 (19.11.2016)
  • Fixed bugs with EXIF and Wide color support.
  • UI fixes.
  • Line Removal algorithm has been improved.
  • Enhanced Clone Stamp.
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Size: 22.6 MB
License: Commercial Ware (Paid)
Updated: 27.10.2018
Version: 4.2.1
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