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Viber 10.8

Version for iOS.
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Systems: iOS
iOS 8.x
iOS 9.x
iOS 10.x
Size: 291 MB
Langs English
License (Free)
Updated: 2019-06-04

General information about the program

Viber is a VoIP application that is available for many platforms. If you need to send message, files, location data or make calls, that program will help you to do it. The app depends on your address book. So, each contact will be imported in settings. If your friends will install Viber, then you could see them in the contact list. And you can chat with those people who have PC version of Viber. To add these users you have to enter their Viber number. If you want to send a video or audio file, make sure that it’s less than 10 MB. The app allows you to send only small files.

Viber has a functional interface designed for communicative purpose. There a lot of eye-catching things (as stickers and doodles) that you would like to send. However stickers can’t be sent to iPhone users. They won’t see it. Perhaps the situation will reverse in future. You can also set an avatar in your profile.

After installing the app you need to select your country. You’ll get an activation code. Your phone number will be your login. And your Viber account will be tied to your existing phone number.

Viber is one of the cheapest tools for international calls. It depends only on your Internet billing. Users can call landline and non-Viber phone numbers using their credit options. Plus, Viber has a special feature that allows you to transfer a call from your phone to your PC and vice versa if you will install the Viber desktop program.

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